Apple Begins Big Advertising Campaign for Apple Arcade

From Super Bowl commercials to a revamp of, Apple are pushing their new Apple Arcade service with a big advertising campaign. If you’ve visited the Apple site recently, you can see cameos from some of Apple Arcade’s top picks.

You’ll see the guy from Hot Lava swinging into action across a handful of iPhone 11s, sonic drifting past a MacBook whilst tiny LEGOs begin setting up Apple TV. For someone like myself who checks their page regularly, its a breath of fresh air! My personal favorite is the guy from Oceanhorn 2 listening to his AirPods Pro.

When it Kicked Off

The new look started after the Super Bowl commercial. Apple are well renowned for their great advertising and this one was no exception. The advert shows different people from all different walks of life enjoying Apple Arcade in their own way. Some people playing on their iPad, others on their phone. Whether you’re waiting for a bus or on a plane, you’ll be more than capable to play your favorite games from Apple Arcade. This is the message that I received from watching their latest advert.

But wait, there’s more! They have just released a video of a “livestream” from Oceanhorn 2. The video is the animated hero from the popular series taking on a giant octopus. To be honest, the video isn’t too impressive for me, but its clearly aimed at the younger generation of most families to bug their parents to get the subscription service. It sounds manipulative to some extent but it really is a good deal for your typical nuclear family. A lot cheaper than splashing out on games on the App Store and there are no in-app purchases.

The LEGO men settling down to watch, well, LEGO

Is it Worth it?

We have mentioned about this before in a lot more detail elsewhere so I wont go in to great length here. But I’d say for the majority of people, its definitely worth it. The only people who might not be too into the experience, surprisingly is hardcore gamers like myself. Having said that, there are still some gems out there that we will be recommending and reviewing here on our site. Recently we reviewed INMOST and its still my favorite game so far.

What do you think?

Are you converted by this new advertising campaign or were you already a member? Let us know in the comments

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