Apple 2018 iPhone models: What we know so far

Apple’s new iPhone models are expected to make their debut in September this year. We have heard a lot of rumors and reports regarding 2018 iPhone models ahead of the unveiling event. However, it still remains unknown what exactly what Apple will include in this year’s iPhone models.

Most of the rumors and leaks we have recently reported claim that Apple is planning to announce three new iPhone models, including a new iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus, and a cheaper iPhone. The upcoming cheaper model will sport a 6.1-inch screen, but Apple continues to use LCD panels for the device to keep the price lower.

However, the phone will feature some premium features like wireless charging or Face ID. Last year, Apple first integrated wireless charging into its iPhone lineup, allowing users to charge up their device quickly. Sources say that the device will feature a better wireless charging to allow for faster charging times.

When it comes to Face ID, Apple first debuted its new security measure on its iPhone series last year. Basically, Face ID allows users to unlock their phone with a simple glance. Tech experts claim that Apple has been working on the second generation Face ID, but it will be exclusive to iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

According to recent reports, Apple’s 6.1 inch iPhone models will not be ready until October. Last year, Apple delayed iPhone X until November due to supply issues. It seems that Apple does not want to make the same mistake this year.

In reality, Apple has been looking for suppliers of its iPhone’s components in recent years. Sources claim that LG Display will be providing Apple with millions of LCD display panels for future iPhone models. This has suggested that Apple will continue to work on iPhone models with LCD display panels.

Samsung Display is currently Apple’s sole supplier of OLED panels for its iPhone lineup. The South Korean firm successfully won a deal with Apple to supply hundreds of millions of OLED units last year. For some background, Samsung now dominates the OLED market with more than 90 percent market share.

According to reports, Apple has been working on its own mobile chips for future iPhone models to reduce its dependence on its suppliers. Apple and Qualcomm have been in an intense dispute after the American chipmaker accusing Apple of contract breach.

The upcoming iPhone X Plus is expected to replace the current iPhone X. This means that the device might cost more than $1200 in the US. In reality, the iPhone X is currently the most expensive iPhone model ever released to the market. This year’s iPhone X Plus might come with an under-display fingerprint scanner.

Apple and Samsung have been working on integrating an in-display fingerprint scanner under the display. However, the process might be a struggle. Last year, Apple gave up on the plan to produce an in-display fingerprint reader, but it was nowhere to be found at launch. Apple is expected to hold an event in September. Let’s wait and see.

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