Macs can get viruses, but do you need any Anti-virus Software?

Can my Mac get a virus? Can malicious codes corrupt my Mac? Do I need anti-virus software for my Mac? The answer to those questions isn’t as easy as it seems.

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in malware and viruses trying to plague Mac computers. The great thing is, the amount is nowhere near what a Windows computer would have to deal with. However, the increasing popularity of the Mac means there will be more malicious codes built to steal our identity or empty our bank accounts. Malicious codes that have infected your Mac can be a cause for concern. The software chief at Apple informed us that Malware for Mac is at an unacceptable level. Since May 2020 an alarming 300,000+ Macs have been affected by some sort of Malware.

In 2020 over 674,000 malicious programs were developed to attack Macs and in 2021 so far there’s an alarming 4,941 already developed. There are different types of Mac Malware such as Adware, Scamware, Spyware, Trojan, Ransomware and Cryptominers that can be spread through fake apps, fake software updates and phishing emails.   

Even though there are reasons for concern, macOS have features that should help you protect your Mac and personal data from Malware.

On top of that, a Mac security software such Intego Mac Internet Security will give you even more protection against some of the most dangerous Malware. Intego database of known Malwares is forever being updated to keep the protection going.

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The Mac built-in features that you select under Privacy preferences allow you to specify the sources of software installed on your Mac. Since Apps are one of the common ways Malware are distributed and embedded. Care should also be taken when downloading or opening scripts, Java archives and web archives. The Mac again has a feature that alerts the user when they first try to open these types of files. You will have to 100% trust the file before overriding the security settings of the Mac.

How to tell if your Mac has a virus?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your Mac is infected with Malware. Your Mac running hot and speeds up for no reason. If you start to see programs appearing that you haven’t authorised to run is another concern. Webpage pop-ups and banners telling you to download software is another sign.

Mac Features that Protects

Apple stance on protecting you and your Mac is clear. Download apps from their App Store and trust the files you are downloading. There is some anti-virus protection built-in to your Mac. These help to protect you by running in the background and at times blocks and remove unwanted software.

  • Apple Security and Privacy
  • Xprotect
  • Gatekeeper
  • System Integrity Protection
  • Execute Disable
  • Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)

Does Mac Really need Anti-virus?

Having an extra layer of security protection on your Mac can go a long way. With the growing number of Apple Mac users, it simply means there will be more ever-growing threats.

So yes, you do need Anti-virus software for your Mac. Apple does an amazing job of keeping you safe from Malware and viruses. The vulnerabilities in their software are often fixed through continuous macOS updates. This does not mean Mac computers will never get Malware. If Apple doesn’t respond to the growing threats of Malware quick enough then Anti-virus software such as Intego Security for Mac should help put your mind at ease.

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