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The AirPods Pro have arrived, probably an unexpected product but the addition is welcome as it solves all the problems we didn’t know we had. The new AirPods Pro come with new noise cancelling technology as well as a new Transparency mode. With it’s new design and better water resistance, the only downside is the hefty price tag that comes with it.


As far as looks go, the new AirPods Pro have refined the look of previous models. The stems have been shortened, making it stick out less than before. There are also new silicone tips which come in three sizes (all included) to ensure the best fit for your ears. not only for your comfort, having the correct size tips is hugely important for the noise cancellation features. The new AirPods Pro also have a small air vent on the side for their Transparency mode.

The Transparency mode is one of the strangest things. it uses the built-in microphone to play any external audio into your ear. This creates the illusion that you’re not wearing any headphones. It’s very easy to walk around and forget that you’re even wearing AirPods!

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation mode is the opposite of that. Changing from Transparency Mode to Noise Cancellation mode is a unique experience that you can only fully understand once you’ve tried it yourself. The change blocks out almost all noise around you. This makes listening to music in noisy areas, especially on planes, a relaxing experience.


The new AirPods, although more expensive, are a worthy upgrade for current AirPod users as well as new ones. In general, they’re more comfortable, practical and more subtle too.

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