AirPods Microphone and Mute Button Location

Here’s a quick guide that will help you find the AirPod microphone and mute button. If you need to use your voice to talk to Siri, or if you want to control music playback on your phone, this is the place.

Where is the microphone on AirPods?

1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation AirPods

The main microphone is located at the end of each stem.

The black mesh circle you see on the side is the microphone. Although there are three different ones, two dual beam-forming microphones and a third mic that is being used for a feature Apple calls adaptive EQ.

AirPods Pro

The microphone is located at the end of the main shaft. It’s a tiny silver component with matching grills.

In Which Ear Is the Mic On Airpods?

Both earbuds include a microphone, so you may use Siri instructions and talk to others on the phone even if you want to keep only one of your ears in.

You can use your voice or motions to answer and hang up the phone, even if you’re wearing only one AirPod. You can even control music with touch controls (such as double-tapping to hang up the phone or access Apple’s Siri) using either AirPod, so if you want to keep one ear open for coworkers or family, go with the one that feels more comfortable.

Is There A Mute Button On AirPods?

Unfortunately, AirPods don’t have a physical mute button, so if you want to turn off the microphone for any reason, your only option is power-off.

A mute button, or simply not having one, is one of the most common complaints about AirPods online. It’s easy to see why. With such a costly gadget, you’d think that a simple function like as muting phone calls and similar activities would be available. If you’re searching for more details about muting calls when utilizing AirPods, and you’ve just learned that it won’t be possible on the device itself, consider doing the same thing I did: submit comments to Apple so this is addressed in future product upgrades. You can do so here.

How to mute AirPods While On A Call?

Although they have skin sensors, remember that removing them from your ears will not immediately disconnect them. As a result, if you want to mute a phone call or recording for any reason, use your iPhone’s mute button.

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