Adobe Illustrator is Available for iPad

Adobe Illustrator is a very popular vector graphics software for desktop PCs. It’s now available for the iPad. The new app has better design and it will work better with stylus. It also works well with touch-screen. For any Adobe Illustrator user, the version for iPad should be very familiar. There are many similar tools, like brush, pencil and pen. You can also get grid options, properties and layers.

For better results, path options and type tool can help users immensely. But, there are obviously some missing features for this mobile version. It’s not a full-fledged productivity app for professionals. Even so, they can make some edits or start lighter tasks. In short, if you are an iPad user with basic editing needs, this should be a better option.

It is definitely a challenge for Adobe. They need to optimize their app for the iPad. In fact, some features work better on desktop PCs with their large monitors and powerful hardware. In 2014, Lightroom was the first Adobe’s software that transitioned to the iPad, while Photoshop made its way to the iPad in 2019.

Despite significant changes in interface design, users can operate the Illustrator easily and comfortably on the iPad. With wireless syncing, iPad users can send files easily between their mobile devices and desktop PCs. Adobe has redesigned the core tools so they will work much better on tablets. The toolbar now pops up next to the selections, so users can immediately make changes.

There were some criticisms when Adobe released Photoshop for the iPad. It seems that Adobe went a bit too far in removing features for the mobile version. This makes Photoshop far less usable for iPad users in certain usage scenarios. It’s definitely a delicate balancing act. Adobe needs to keep the mobile version optimized for the Apple iPad without degrading the functionality too much. Adobe will release more features to its iPad app in future updates.

Creative Cloud

Adobe recently introduced the Creative Cloud. It is available for Lightroom, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, XD and Fresco. This feature is useful for improving collaboration among professionals. People can easily share cloud links for Illustrator, Fresco and Photoshop documents. It will allow people to get feedback or collaborate.

Creative Cloud is useful when working on a complex document. It is also possible to access your old documents stored in the cloud with Creative Cloud. For desktop users, there’s also a special tab to find and manage plugins. In the current pandemic, many people need to stay at home. It means, Creative Cloud is an ideal platform for them. Despite the lockdown measures, many people tend to be creative. Creative Cloud should make it easier to share thoughts with others.

Neural Filters

Neural Filters option is now available for Photoshop. It’s a non-destructive solution that can quickly render your images stunning in seconds. Adobe claimed that Neural Filters can combine different elements together and apply them to your photos. There are also some sliders that can be adjusted to your liking. These include Skin Smoothing that retouches photos and Smart Portrait that allows you to adjust the age, hair and expression of a person. Users can remove JPEG artifacts with the Super Zoom filter. Also, depth-Aware filter adds volumetric haze. The haze will be behind subjects for better highlights and visual focus.

3D Transformation

This new feature is available for Adobe XD. It should help developers to bring perspective and depth to their designs. 3D Transformation also adds AR experiences to existing UX and UI designs.

Advanced Color Grading

This capability has arrived for Lightroom to control colors for mid-tones. There is also the ability to save various file versions when users are making edits. Photographers can add graphical watermarking and logo stamps to protect their photos. The AI-based Best Photos feature curates image subsets. It uses certain technical aspects to work.

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