The Apple Watch is getting better and smarter every year. The current Apple Watch Series 4 is a significant upgrade over its predecessors. Apple has not just upgraded the hardware, they have introduced new things  – a brand new ECG feature, bigger display, redesigned Digital Crown, new watch faces, and improved speakers.

If you have got a new Apple Watch 4, you should know that this thing in your hand is far more capable than any previous model. And we will help you discover how in the section below. Before we go any further, make sure you now have the lastest watchOS 5.2.1 software update installed on your watch. The new update focuses on bug fixes and performance boost.

Take screenshots

The ability to take screenshots on your Apple Watch has been out there for years. However, some users may not even know it existed. If you happen to be one of them, then we are here to help.

In reality, taking a screenshot on Apple’s smartwatch lineup is pretty simple. Just simply press and hold the Side button and tap the Digital Crown button. Once you do that, your screenshot will be saved into the Photos app on your iPhone.

If something goes wrong during the process, then make sure you have enabled the feature in the iOS Watch app. To do this, open the Watch app on your iPhone, then select My Watch tab > General and turn on the switch for Enable Screenshots.

Use List View

The home screen of the Apple Watch includes a lot of unlabeled app icons, making it hard to navigate. Luckily, you can easily switch to List View for a much easier experience. To do this, just simply press firmly on the grid and you will be presented with two options including List View and Grid View. Select the one you prefer, but I recommend you opt for List View as it is alphabetical and labeled, making your navigation experience less painful.

Fall detection

Fall detection is one of the best highlights of Apple Watch Series 4. Apple says that the Apple Watch 4 analyzes risk trajectory and impact acceleration to determine when a fall occurs. After detecting a fall, Apple Watch Series 4 delivers an alert. From here, you can initiate an emergency call.

To enable the feature, open the Watch app on your iPhone, then select My Watch tab and tap on Emergency SOS. From here, turn on the switch for Fall Detection and add your emergency contacts.

Cover to turn off your Watch’s display

One of the hidden Apple Watch tips lies in the ability to quickly turn off the display or mute an alert by covering the entire watch. This comes in handy as you quickly silence an annoying notification.

To turn on the setting, launch the Watch app on your iPhone, then select My Watch tab and tap on Sound & Haptics. From here, turn on the switch.

Another great tip is that you can simply swipe down from the top of the screen to dismiss a notification. Alternatively, you can force touch in Notification Center to quickly dismiss all your Watch’s notifications.

Answer a phone call on iPhone

You can quickly answer a phone call on your iPhone using your an Apple Watch, which is pretty cool. To do this, you simply swipe up and tap Answer on iPhone when an incoming call comes in. This comes in handy as it eliminates the need to hit the Answer button on your iPhone. Another tip is that you can quickly send a call to voice mail by simply double-tapping the Side button.

Make text much easier to read

If you find the text a little hard to read on your Apple Watch, then there is an option that makes reading much easier. To do this, you simply open the Watch app on your iPhone, select My Watch tab and tap General > Accessibility. From here, turn on the switch for Bold Text to make the screen much easier to navigate.

View a website on your Watch

An Apple Watch does not have a built-in website, but you can view a website on your Watch when you get a link in Mail or Messages app. The coolest part is that you can use gestures to browse your webpages and clear your web data directly on your Watch.

Wrapping Up

Those are our tips that help you master your Apple Watch. Don’t forget to share with us if you have your own tips. The next generation Apple Watch is expected to make its debut in September 2019 and we’d love to see more tips and tricks for Apple Watch Series 5.


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