Check out 6 things you can expect from Apple’s September 7 event

We are still six days from the iPhone 7 unveiling. Apple has recently sent out invites to its launch event that will take place on September 7. The next generation iPhone has been the subject of lots of rumors for months, and there is plenty we already know about Apple’s next iPhone. In this post, we will detail on what we can expect from this year’s iPhone launch event.

1. iPhone 7 will arrive

The next iPhone is without doubt the most anticipated device in the market. Apple fans are expecting something special from this year’s iPhone. However, according to sources, this year’s iPhone will not come with significant changes. Instead, Apple will focus on hardware improvements. Sources also claim that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus share the same screen sizes with the current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and some major design changes will reportedly be wrapped around an enhanced camera and Full HD display.

2. iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro

We have heard a lot of stories that Apple might launch a third premium iPhone this year called iPhone 7 Pro. Sources say that the iPhone 7 Pro is sized similarly to the Plus, but it comes with a far superior set of specs. However, last week, a report said that Apple cancelled its plan for an iPhone 7 dues to supply-related issues the company is facing.

3. Apple Watch 2


The second generation Apple Watch is expected to be unveiled at the event. The new Apple Watch has been long rumored to come with a number of key updates and features. One of such feature is a FaceTime-friendly integrated camera. Besides, Apple Watch 2 is believed to sport a slimmer body than that of the original Apple Watch.

4. WatchOS 3


Apple’s latest wearable operating system made its debut at WWDC 2016, but it is now available as a developer beta. At September event, Apple is expected to unveil the official version of WatchOS 3 along with some new features including a new multitasking dock and iPhone-esque control center.

5. iOS 10


iOS 10 is now available as a beta only, and a vast majority of iPhone or iPad users are expecting the iOS 10 release date. Sources say that iOS 10 will drop in a couple days ahead of new iPhone’s launch day.

6. New Apple Music

Apple Music is now one of the most used music-streaming services with more than 15 million paying subscribers. With iOS 10, Apple has redesigned its Apple Music, making it easier for users to find new contents to listen to. At this year’s event, Apple Music is expected to come with a new update that brings better support for the iPad Pro.


That’s it! We have just mentioned six things you can expect from this year’s September event. Whether it is new iPhone, new Apple Watch or Apple Music, this year’s event is really something you don’t really want to miss at all.

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