6 things Google Assistant can do that Apple Siri cannot

Back in 2016, Google took its first steps into the virtual helper market where Amazon Echo and Apple Siri dominated. Google Assistant quickly gained its popularity among users and experts worldwide, thanks to its exciting features. The Assistant received mostly positive reviews, with most experts praising its ability to handle more complicated tasks.

The Assistant has a cult following, thanks to Google’s endless efforts to improve it. At this year’s Google I/O event, Google added a handful of new features to its Assistant, making it an unbeatable rival on the market.

If you now have an Apple device with Siri support, then there are a number of exciting things Assistant can do that Siri cannot. With that in mind, we have created a list of Assistant’s features we want to see in Siri.

  1. Keyboard support

Typing to Assistant was once one of the highlights of Google’s virtual helper. As the name implies, the feature allows you to type in your command, instead of speaking to your assistant. Earlier this year, Apple officially added Type to query to Siri, but the feature is a part of accessibility option. This means that you need to turn it on.

Google Assistant, on the other hand, includes a quick Type to query option button that allows you to text to Assistant at any time. This comes in handy, as eliminates the need to dig deeper into your device’s settings.

To turn on Type to Siri in iOS, head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and turn on the switch for Type to Siri option. We expect Apple to add a Type to Siri button in iOS 12, which serves as a perfect tool for those who cannot talk back to Siri.

  1. Multiple timers

With Google Assistant, you can easily set multiple timers at a time and see all of them on one single card. This is one of the most exciting features when it comes to Assistant, as it helps you catch up with your latest appointments.

If you are planning to head over to your iPhone’s settings and look for this functionality, then Apple Siri won’t give you that. It remains unclear why Apple ignores it, however, we’d like to see it in iOS 12.

Tech experts say that Apple Siri will get a huge improvement in iOS 12 this year. One such improvement lies in a better support for HomePod, Apple’s new smart speaker. This means that users will be able to set multiple timers using their voice commands.

  1. Better support for third-party apps

Google Assistant makes the most of Android’s open-source ecosystem to offer a comprehensive experience and better support for third-party services. Google’s virtual helper can do a lot of things besides effectively getting questions to answers.

Google’s personal helper works perfectly with a variety of third-party apps and services. For example, you can quickly get a ride in Uber in just one tap.

Apple Siri, on the other hand, offers very limited support for third-party services, which is a little bit disappointing. In iOS 12, Apple is believed to expand Siri’s ecosystem, just like what it did in iOS 10.

  1. Better Siri on all platforms

Apple Siri now works on all Apple devices. However, that does not mean that you will get the same experience. You cannot control your HomeKit devices using Siri for Mac, while Siri on HomePod has very limited functionality.

Sources say that Apple has been working on unifying Siri’s capabilities, thus offering a comprehensive experience on all platforms. However, Apple still has a lot of work to do to make that happen.

  1. Object recognition

At Google I/O 2017 event, the biggest search engine on Earth announced Google Lens, a perfect tool designed to identify objects around you. Basically, Google Lens uses your phone’s camera to identify an object and then show its relevant details.

Google Lens now works perfectly with Google Assistant, allowing you to point your camera at objects, text, and landmarks to get information about them. In reality, Apple has its own QR code scanning feature that’s integrated into the stock Camera app. However, there is still something missing. In iOS 12, Apple Siri is expected to include support for QR code scanning. Let’s wait and see.

  1. Siri in Apple Maps

Apple Maps is getting better every year, but there it still lacks support for Siri. At this year’s Google I/O event, Google announced that Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps this summer. With Google Assistant integration, you will be able to share your ETA without picking up your phone. You can also control music with your voice.

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