6 reasons why you should not get iOS 11.4 beta on your iPhone

Apple iOS is getting better every year, introducing a ton of new features and changes. Apple has been busy improving its own mobile OS since the day one to take on Google Android. iOS has its own ground, with more than 30 percent market share. And the number’s set to grow in the future.

Apple’s mobile OS has been through 11 software updates. Last year, Apple released iOS 11 to the public following months of beta testing. iOS 11 is not a huge update, but there are a ton of new things that encourage you to upgrade.

Earlier this month, Apple officially launched the fifth beta of an upcoming iOS 11.4 to developers and users worldwide. The update came only one week after the release of the fourth beta. However, keep in mind that iOS 11.4 is still in early stages, so it may come with bugs and errors.

If you are planning to grab the fifth beta of iOS 11.4, then think twice before making a move. In the section below, we are going to explain why you should not get iOS 11.4 beta on your iOS device.

  1. 3D Touch fails to work

3D Touch was first introduced alongside the iPhone 6s Plus back in 2015. The feature was met with positive reviews from users worldwide, thanks to its exciting capabilities. Apple has been improving 3D since the day one, offering a quicker way to interact with apps. However, that does not mean that it runs smoothly all the time.

A number of iPhone owners have reported 3D Touch fails to work on Apple News links. In other words, they cannot perform peek and pop action to preview Apple News links. It remains unknown if Apple has acknowledged the issue, so the best shot to deal with it is to stay with iOS 11.3.

  1. Screen recording in the TV app is no more

Starting with iOS 11, you can easily record your iPhone screen, without the need for a MacBook or a third-party app. However, a lot of iOS users have reported that they cannot record screen in the TV app using Apple’s built-in screen recording feature.

Luckily, Apple is fully aware of that and promises to fix the issue in future updates. If you are among those users who have been hit by the issue, then try rebooting your device.

  1. Do Not Disturb bug

Do Not Disturb has been an essential part of Apple iOS since the days of iOS 6. Once enabled, the feature automatically silences incoming calls, text messages, or push notifications. The coolest part is that you can schedule a time for Do Not Disturb to be enabled, so you won’t miss any important alerts.

However, a number of iPhone owners are dealing with a Do Not Disturb bug that shows duplicated results when you search “Do” in Settings. In reality, the Do Not Disturb bug is not something new out there as it once popped up in iOS 10.

  1. Message attachments

In iOS 10, the Messages app received a big update, with the introduction of new emoji, messages bubbles, handwriting, and tapback. In iOS 11, Apple’s built-in messaging app got slight and worthwhile improvements.

Apple has been improving its stock Messages app for years, making your messaging experience less painful. However, we have heard some of the issue users are facing with the Messages app. A lot of iPhone owners are complaining that they cannot delete message attachments in message threads.

If you are dealing with the issue, then try rebooting your device. If nothing changes, then restore your device from backup.

  1. Touchscreens fail to respond

Touchscreen issues are among the most common issues when it comes to mobile devices. A number of iPhone owners have reported that their iPhone’s touchscreen becomes unresponsive. There are different ways to fix unresponsive touchscreen issue, but we recommend that you reboot your device.

To reboot an iPhone X, press the Volume Up button and release and repeat the process with the Volume Down button. After that, hold down the Side button until you see the Apple logo. If nothing changes, restore your device and set it up as new.

  1. Siri fails work with Clock

Siri is Apple’s virtual helper that offers users multiple ways to interact with apps and services. Apple Siri can work with Apple’s stock apps, like Messages, Mail or Phone. However, some iPhone users say that they cannot set reminders or alarms using Siri in the Clock app.

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These are 6 reasons why you should not get the beta version of iOS 11.4. If you are dealing with one of the above-mentioned issues, then downgrade back to a stable version.

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