Top 6 file-sharing services for your Apple devices

Transferring files between devices have become much easier than before, mainly thanks to the introduction of new exciting features and changes. However, sharing files with other people is not just about copying and pasting, as it requires some additional tasks. Apple and Microsoft have their own cloud services, but there are reasons to still move to a third-party service.

There are a number of different storage services out there that help you quickly transfer your files between multiple devices. However, not all of them are worth your time. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best online storage services, so you can decide which one is right for you. Before we proceed, keep in mind that all services below work perfectly with all platforms.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the leading storage services out there. The company has been working on improving the service for years in an attempt to compete with other rivals on the market. One of the best things when it comes to Dropbox is that it offers 2 GB of free storage space, allowing you to store almost everything online.

Like any other storage service out there, Dropbox keeps all of your files up-to-date and makes them accessible to all devices. Last year, Dropbox announced that its storage service had more than 500 million active users, making it a reliable service.

Dropbox now works on all platforms and offers multiple subscriptions for more capacity and additional features. If you are looking for a reliable storage service with advanced features for your iPhone or Android, then Dropbox should be your perfect choice.

  1. Google Drive

Google is showing the world that it’s not just about the search engine, as it is still expanding its business. Back in 2012, Google officially announced a storage service to the public following months of endless rumors. Google Drive was widely welcomed at launch, with most experts praising its innovative features.

Google Drive quickly gained popularity among users worldwide. And, it is now one of the best storage services on the market. Like Dropbox, Google Drive allows its users to store files and synchronize them across all devices. The coolest part is that you only need a single Google account to access the Drive.

One of the highlights of Google Drive is that it offers up to 15 GB of free storage space. This allows you to upload almost everything, ranging from photos to videos. You can upgrade your plan to get more storage. The Drive is now charging $1.99 per month for additional 100 GB of storage. You can also get a terabyte of online storage for only $9, 99 per month.

  1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is an online service that heavily focuses on file transfer. First introduced back in 2009, WeTransfer quickly became the top choice for transferring files. WeTransfer allows users to send files up to 2GB for free.

Users can upgrade to WeTransfer Plus to get additional features and storage. Premium users can send files up to 20GB at the same time and store up to 100GB. All your files will be password-protected and accessible across all devices.

WeTransfer Plus now costs $12 per month, which is a little bit more expensive than Dropbox. WeTransfer is a reliable service that offers advanced features for file transfer, so give it a try.

  1. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere ranks among the best file-sharing services on the market. As the name implies, the service allows users to share files with other people with some simple clicks. The coolest part is that you can send files up to 10 GB in size for free.

Send Anywhere now has a dedicated app for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows, allowing you to access your files across all devices. Send Anywhere offers a Plus subscription for $5, 99 per month, letting you share files up to 50 GB in size.

  1. Hightail

Hightail is one of the veterans in the industry. The service helps users send large files between devices. Hightail focuses on team collaboration, with different pricing plans. The Starter subscription now costs $125 per month for a team up to 3 members. The Business subscription is charging $325 per month for a team up to 10 members. Hightail now has more than 50 million registered users and the number’s set to grow over time.

  1. MediaFire

MediaFire is a big name in the file-sharing market. The service allows users to share almost everything to the cloud for free. This includes photos, videos, audios, and docs file. A free user account gives you 10 GB of online storage. You can upgrade ($3, 75 per month) to a Pro account to get 1TB of storage space and more options.

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