6 Best Apps like Phonto to Add Texts to Photos

Phonto is a great photo-editing app that lets you add text to your images. Want to add quotes from your favorite philosopher? You can do that and a lot more with Phonto.

Phonto app is available on both Android and iOS. However, you can also use Phonto on PC (https://www.browsercam.com/phonto-pc/) by using it in an Android emulator. That way, you can run it on both Windows or Mac computers. All you need to is get the APK file of the app.

However, Phonto is not the only app you can use to add rich fonts to your photos. There are myriads of other photo editing apps on Android, iOS, and even Windows that you can use, mostly for free.

Six Apps Like Phonto

Here’s a list of apps like Phonto:

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is Adobe’s app for mobile platforms that you can use to edit pictures. It’s a much more advanced application with so many powerful tools that adding font is probably the most basic thing you’ll do on the app.

You can also fix images, crop them, change colors, or even remove the background to add something more. As for the text, you can choose from a variety of fonts and get even more.


Instasize is an ideal editing app for individuals and businesses who want to post images to social media. As the name suggests, it’s designed for editing images for Instagram.

The editing toolkit gives you access to over 20 different fonts that cover almost all the styles, from curly to graffiti style. In addition to adding as much text as you want, you can also throw on some filters that instantly improve the aesthetics of the picture.

Another great feature is adding borders, which just makes the image perfect for sharing on social media.


Want to quickly add some text to an image or even a short clip? Your very own Instagram app can do that.

Instagram’s story editing tools are constantly growing, but one standard feature that has been there since the beginning is text. Just go to the story and upload the image or clip, and type the text. There’s not so much variety of fonts on Instagram, but you can easily make do with the options that are there.

Much like Phonto or Instasize, you can change the color of the text. Want to increase or decrease the size of the font? Just zoom in or out the text with two fingers.

Once done, you can save it to your Photos app and don’t necessarily need to post on Instagram unless, of course, that’s what you wanted to do in the first place. You can even see the Instagram notifications on your Apple Watch.


This is another full-fledged photo editing app for mobile that you can easily use to throw some text onto your photos. One of the best features of this app when it comes to adding text is that you can even adjust the opacity of the font. Pretty cool, right?

You can also use the calligraphy tool to write text manually and give it an art-deco feel. You can also create collages of pictures and add a text layer to them.

In simpler words, PicLab lets you do whatever you want to do to your photo right there on the phone without having to transfer the picture to a computer to use Photoshop or Lightroom.


Canva is a super popular editing and graphics tool, available for all platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows). It’s very sophisticated and also super easy to use. This is why businesses love Canva.

The basic platform is free, but for all the advanced features you’ll need to pay the premium price. Fortunately, adding text to pictures comes under basic features, so you don’t really have to pay for that.

If you’re not feeling inspired and need some direction, Canva also has pre-designed templates for headlines and texts for social media. You simply use those and add your image as the background. The image can be blurred to make the font more prominent if that’s what you’re going for.

Text on Photo

This application is literally named Text on Photo, so that’s exactly what it does and lets you add text to your photos. There’s quite a variety of fonts. You can easily change the size and colour of the font.

The text box is pretty expressive with lots of detailing options, such as shadow and alignment. In other words, if the text is all that you want to add to your picture, Text on Photo is the app to use.

Wrap Up

Phonto is a stellar app for adding stylish and fun fonts to your pictures, but it’s not the only one in the market. There are other free apps as well, both for mobile and PC. Even if any of these apps aren’t available for Windows, it’s possible to still use them on a PC within an emulator.

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