How to hide running apps on Mac

Previously, a feature in OS X used to let users focus in on a single window while hiding all the other. That feature was later removed without explanation. As a result, too many open windows cause disorientation. Luckily, a new Mac app dubbed Hides restores these features. The new app features “Single App Mode” that lets you open a single app as well as hide all of your windows with a single click or shortcut. Hides is now priced at 4.99 USD in the Mac App Store. If you don’t know how to use the app, we can help you.

How to hide your entire Desktop

If you want to hide your entire Desktop using Hides, you can use the Preferences panel that opens immediately upon launching the app. You can decide whether you want to hide all your running apps or just use Single App Mode. Make sure that Single App Mode in the left sidebar is disabled.


Normally, you can easily access Hides that resides in the menu bar. Besides, you can set a keyboard shortcut to hide the windows quicker. To do this, select Hide All Apps in the Preferences panel. Then you can click Record Shortcut and choose your combination to set.

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From now on, you can either click Hides in the menu bar and choose Hide App Apps or use your shortcut to hide all your running apps.

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How to hide individual apps

If you want to hide all your individual apps with Hides, you will need to head back to Preferences panel and enable Single App Mode in the left sidebar.

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Single App Mode lets you use a single app at a time and it will automatically hide the rest. If you are using Safari, Messages, Calendar, Mail while enabling Single App Mode, you will only be able to see one of the four apps that you choose. If you only want to use Safari and try to launch Message app, Message window will open and Safari window will automatically minimize.

Hides is a useful tool if you want to focus on a specific app and don’t want get distracted by another app running on your desktop. Besides, Hides allows you to create a keyboard shortcut to enable Single App Mode.

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