5 Wireless Chargers that Rival Apple’s MagSafe

Are there any wireless chargers that rival Apple’s MagSafe? Simply put: Yes. There are at least five better wireless chargers: Belkin, Anker, Yootech, Mophie, and Kertxin.

Apple’s MagSafe Charger

Let’s begin by talking about Apple’s wireless MagSafe charger. 


The charger works with perfectly aligned magnets that are attached to iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, with a charging speed of up to 15 Watts (W). While 15W sounds amazing, it matters little when phones can only take a maximum of 7.5W.

Now, if you own an older iPhone model, while charging with MagSafe, the process will be quite slow in comparison to the newest models.

The MagSafe charger is compatible with all Qi-certified chargers, therefore any iPhone 8 or later can be charged with it. As a bonus, the Apple wireless charger can also be used with AirPods, as long as they have a wireless charging case.

It is recommended to use the 20W USB-C Power Adapter with the MagSafe, but it is sold separately at $19.


It costs about $39, and it has a convenient one-year payment plan of $3.25 per month. Together with the $19 cost of the recommended power adapter, the total could be as much as $58.


The Mag safe is compact, and a great addition to any desktop, but it can only charge one device at a time.

Belkin Boost Charger

The Belkin Boost Charger is an upgrade from the MagSafe, amongst the Apple products. It’s one of the best wireless chargers that rival Apple’s MagSafe on the market.


The Belkin charger delivers up to a 25% quicker charging with its 7.5W to all devices. Another improvement is that the Belkin charger can deliver this high-speed charging experience to models older than the iPhone 12. The models include the iPhone 11 series.

The Belkin charger is Qi certified and can also be used to charge iPods.


The price for the Belkin charger is slightly more expensive when compared with the MagSafe at $49.95. However, the higher charging speed and amazing design justify the extra dollars.


The Belkin chargers not only look good with a highly polished chrome finish, but they are sturdy and lasting. They have a non-slip top, that will prevent your iPhone from falling off it.

There is a LED indicator on the charging pad which will conveniently, confirm the device is aligned and charging.

The charger can detect and notify the user when a damaging object has been positioned on top of it, which helps make a longer life for the device.

The last outstanding feature of the Belkin Boost charger is its ability to charge through thin cases. The phone protector case can have a thickness of up to 3mm in order for the charger to work.


Anker Power Wave with Pad and Watch holder is easily the best charger given its affordable price and amazing features.

It has Universal compatibility, so it not only charges Apple devices but also brands like Samsung and Sony. This also applies to the Galaxy Buds (from Samsung) and the Pixel Buds (from Goertek).


The Anker charger has Qi compatibility and it can charge with a full 7.5W iPhone. This charger has been certified as safe and it works flawlessly with all Qi-compatible wirelessly-charged phones.


The Anker’s charger price is quite cheap when compared with the MagSafe at $27.99. What makes this charger stand out lies in the wide variety of features it has for the obvious lower price.


The design on this Anker charger makes it convenient to charge two devices at once, usually a phone or pods and a smartwatch.

It can charge phones through thicker cases, keys, credit cards, or metal objects. This is an excellent feature as it avoids the need to remove the protective case from your phone before being charged.

It can be flipped down for easier storage or up to provide the optimum angle for the Apple Watch to charge. This double mode allows a 2-in-1 charging station, which is quite convenient when owning many daily-use smart essentials.

Wireless Chargers that rival Apple’s MagSafe


The Yootech 3 in1 Wireless Charger Station as the name implies can be used to charge three items.  Specially designed to be an Apple accessory, it can be used for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

Even though this charger was designed with Apple products in mind, it can be used on Samsung 10W Charging. The charger doesn’t have an adapter, but with its low price, that seems plausible.

Yootech has an exclusive multifunctional intelligent technology with some awesome perks. It provides temperature control, short-circuits prevention, and surge protection. On top, it is made with fire-resistant ABS material. 

The only downside is that the company recommends removing the phone cases before charging.


The Yootech Chargers are Qi-certified, which means they can be used, like the MagSafe on compatible Qi charging devices. It can charge up to 7.5W, which makes it a faster charger than the MagSafe for more devices.


The price of the Yootech charger is $19.99. This low price makes it not only the cheapest wireless charger on the market, but a better value when compared to Apple’s MagSafe.


The most notable about the Yootech chargers is that you can charge your devices in either landscape or portrait mode. It has a cooling fan inside, which comes in handy when charging 3 devices simultaneously. 

The design is perfect for AirPods as the size of the Apple pods will fit neatly into the charging area.

The top and bottom of the charger have a rubber ring, which prevents slippage and will keep the devices in place.

The charger notifies through lights when the phone is properly charging. These lights will turn off while charging for a sleep-friendly experience.

Wireless Chargers that rival Apple’s MagSafe


The Mophie charger has had some detrimental reviews due to its short life, but it is highly valued for its compact size, and charging speed.


The Mophie charger efficiently charges with a speed of up to 7.5W. It is Qi-compatible like the MagSafe and therefore can be used on all devices with Qi charging.


The Mophie charger has a steep price of $69.95, making it the most expensive charger on this list.


The Yootech charger has a compact design that looks sleek on any tabletop due to its polished finish.  It allows for two devices to be charged at the same time on the pad and a third through the USB-A port.

Wireless Chargers that rival Apple’s MagSafe


The Kertxin 3-in-1 charger is quite versatile. It has Universal charging, and it allows three devices of various brands to be charged at the same time. When compared with the MagSafe, the Kertxin stands out due to its ability to charge fastly older models of iPhones and a wide array of devices.

A great advantage of this charger over the other non-Apple ones is the CE/FCC/ROHS/UL certification which ensures its safe usage and a one-year warranty.


The Kertxin charger is Qi-Certified, and it is compatible with Qi-compatible devices.


The Kertxin charger is in the middle range price-wise with a cost from $43.99 to $47.99. However, it positions itself at a more expensive price point than the MagSafe.


The Kertxin Charger has a compact design, suitable for multiple spaces, making any desktop look organized. It has anti-skid silicon, preventing the device from sliding off. 

The built-in advanced components and intelligent chips provide useful safety features like temperature control, voltage protection, foreign object protection, and overcurrent protection. The best extra bit is it automatically switches to trickle to prevent overcharging.

Wireless Chargers that rival Apple’s MagSafe

The latest models also allow vertical or horizontal charging and an ergonomic angle for a better user experience when watching movies or making video calls.

The Kertxin charger can be used on phones with cases of up to 5mm of thickness.

That’s our list of the best wireless chargers that rival Apple’s MagSafe. If you got a favorite, let us know in the comments below.

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