5 Things You Should Never Ask Siri

Siri is one of the best virtual assistants that you can use now. Apple’s digital voice helper has been improving every year, giving you endless options to interact with apps and smart home appliances. 

Apple Siri can answer almost every question you throw at her. All of Siri’s answers are pre-programmed, but there are times when she may surprise you with her unexpected replies. In fact, there are many things you should never ask Siri unless you are prepared for some odd responses and consequences. 

We have gathered questions you should never ask Apple’s virtual assistant in the section below. Before we begin, we suggest you keep your Apple device up to date. Siri’s replies may change depending on the firmware update you are running. 

1. Do not ask Siri about medical-related things

Siri can give you some good advice, but we suggest you avoid asking her any questions regarding medical symptoms, diagnosis, and even remedies for your conditions. Instead, go for a medical professional or ask your private doctor for medical advice. 

If you ask Siri something like, “Hey Siri, I have a headache, ” she will show you some websites from Google Search results regarding headaches’ types, causes, and symptoms. In reality, it’s better to seek a medical professional rather than just rely on internet searches that may sometimes worsen your cases. 

2. Do not ask Siri about any suspicious activity

Siri can reply to any of your questions, even the creepiest ones. However, we recommend you avoid asking Apple’s virtual assistant questions about suspicious activities. For instance, questions like, “Hey Siri, where to hide a dead body or where to buy illegal drugs” may leave a footprint and be used against you if you have a problem with the law authorities later on. 

Hey Siri where to hide a dead body

If you ask Siri where to hide a dead body or what’s the best place to hide a body, she should answer “Very Funny” or “I used to know the answer to this”. This is one of the creepiest questions to ask Siri. In 2012, a Florida guy named Bravo was on trial for kidnapping and strangling his roommate. His phone records showed that the suspect had used Siri to ask where to hide his roommate’s dead body. 

3. Do not ask Siri about food or plant

Siri can help you with your diet, but there are certain types of food and plants we cannot eat. We recommend you not rely on Siri to help you differentiate between plants and berries as some of them may be poisonous. If you are not sure about some types of plants, ask a professional. 

Hey Siri Do You Eat

Also, do not rely on a virtual assistant for food or diet advice. Instead, ask your health experts. However, there are some dietary inquiries you can ask Siri for more information, such as calorie counts and the amount of sugar, fat, or protein in something.

4. Do not rely on Siri in a crisis

Siri can give you the exact information on the nearest gas station or weather forecasts. But if you are in distress, Apple’s virtual assistant sometimes falls seriously short. In fact, Siri is not always responding to crises with referrals to helplines, the police or professional assistance. 

Do not rely on Siri in a crisis

We tried asking Siri something like, “Hey Siri, I was raped”. Siri responded: “It sounds like you may need support. If you like, I can search the web for a sexual assault hotline.” If you say Yes, Siri will show you some Google search results which are not always correct. 

5. Do not ask Siri about supernatural intelligence

Yes, avoid asking Siri about queries regarding natural calls or supernatural intelligence. Questions like, “when will the earth destroy?” or ” When is the world’s end?”. Of course, Siri can answer those questions, but they are not the suitable types of things you can ask her. 

If you ask her, “when is the world’s end?” she should respond, “Our world is 4.543 billion years old. It seems to have a knack for sticking around”. If you are lucky, she will answer, “The world will effectively end 5 billion years from now when the Sun becomes a red giant.”

Here are five types of questions you should not ask Siri

Medical Conditions

  • Hey Siri, I am tired.
  • Hey Siri, I have a headache.

Criminal Things

  • How to hide a dead body?
  • Where to hide a dead body?
  • How to kidnap somebody?
  • Where to buy illegal drugs?

Food and Plants

  • Hey Siri, can I eat something?
  • Hey Siri, how many grapes should I eat a day?

Emergencies or Crises

  • Hey Siri, I was raped.
  • Hey Siri, I am being abused.
  • Hey Siri, I am depressed.

Supernatural Intelligence

  • When will the earth completely destroy?
  • Can I Stop a thunderstorm?
  • How to stop the rain immediately?

The Bottom Line

These are five types of questions you should not ask Siri. Of course, you can try, but be prepared for some odd responses. Apple’s digital voice assistant is helpful in many ways, but she sometimes can cause some annoyances and mistakes if you ask her incorrectly. 

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