5 things Apple can do to fix slow iPhone sales

Apple is one of the largest smartphone vendors on the market. The Cupertino firm is selling hundreds of millions of iPhone units every year, making it an invisible rival out there. However, Apple iPhone has been showing signs of a slowdown as the company reported weak demand for its iPhone in Q3/2018.

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Time Cook stated that there is a now a low demand for iPhones in China, and users are not buying as many new iPhones as the company expected. In reality, Apple is struggling to sell its iPhone in emerging markets like India or China. Back in the old days, Apple iPhone SE was a hot item in India thanks to its lower price, but we no longer live in those days as Indian customers shift their focus on Chinese phones.

Reports claim that Huawei and Xiaomi now dominate the mid-range smartphone segment. In reality, Chinese smartphone brands are best known for their cheap phones with crazy specs. Last month, sources claimed that Apple would set up a new iPhone manufacturing plant in India to boost its iPhone sales. India has been Apple’s main focus in recent years, but Apple failed to compete with Chinese smartphone makers in 2018. As we enter the first days of 2019, we are expecting something special from Apple to boost slowing iPhone sales.

In this article, we have created a list of five things Apple needs to do to fix iPhone sales problem. For some background, the iPhone XS and XS Max start at $999 and $1099 respectively. The iPhone XR, on the other hand, now costs $749 for the starting model. Apple is now offering iPhone trade-in programs in select markets to boost its sales. Indeed, you can grab a brand new iPhone XR or iPhone XS for an affordable price if you trade in an iPhone 7 Plus.

  1. Simplify iPhone lineup

Back in the old days, Apple iPhones were available in Black and White only, but things have changed so much. Indeed, Apple is adding new colors to its iPhone lineup in an attempt to attract new customers. Back in 2013, Apple announced the iPhone 5C at its September event. However, Apple did not specify what the “c” stands for, but tech experts say that it means “colors”.

Specifically, the iPhone 5C came in a variety of color options like blue, green, yellow, coral (pink), and white. To achieve this, Apple removed its traditional aluminum body in favor of plastic design. The iPhone 5C failed to live up to expectations as it saw a sluggish sales performance.

The current iPhone XR comes in six color options including red, blue, yellow, white, black, and coral. However, it still lacks the gold version, which is why you need to switch to the XS model. Buying a new iPhone is a little bit confusing as you need to choose between sizes and colors.

  1. Smaller iPhones

Apple iPhone is getting bigger over time. This year, Apple welcomed the iPhone XS Max to the market with a 6.5-inch OLED display. In reality, the XS Max is the biggest iPhone ever released to the public and it offers an immersive experience ranging from playing games to watching videos. However, a lot of apps are not properly optimized to fit the XS Max’s screen. We are expecting to see the unveiling of smaller iPhones in the future. In 2016, Apple debuted the iPhone SE, a 4-inch iPhone model after months of anticipation. The iPhone SE saw a sluggish sales performance upon release due to its lack of a redesign. However, the SE made a gigantic hit in emerging markets as it received 4 million registrations in China.

In reality, rumors regarding the next generation iPhone SE have been out there for months. Tech experts say that the next iPhone SE will come with an improved design and Face ID at launch. That seems plausible seeing how Apple brought Face ID to the cheaper iPhone XR last year. Sources say that the second-gen iPhone SE will be cheaper than its predecessor. Apple’s move aims to target emerging markets like India and China. Besides, the device will be assembled in India as Apple’s new facility comes into operation later this year.

  1. Give iPhones a break

Apple releases new iPhones every year with new changes and features. However, Apple’s recent iPhones lack a redesign as Apple focuses on hardware upgrades. Indeed, the iPhone XS looks identical to the iPhone X, meaning that we still have a glass body with small bezels and no home button. It seems that Apple is rushing with the release of new iPhones.

Tech experts say that Apple needs more time to come up with something new on its iPhone models. Ming-Chi-Kuo, an analyst who is best known for his accurate forecasts when it comes to new iPhones, says that all 2019 iPhones will feature OLED displays and much-improved cameras. Besides, the premium model will come with an in-display fingerprint scanner, something that’s demanded for months.

  1. Affordable iPhones

Apple has no plan to release affordable iPhones, but things will change in the coming months. We have heard a lot of speculation that Apple will announce a new cheaper iPhone. Apple’s move aims to attract more users in the mid-range segment on the market. However, a cheaper iPhone means that it will lack a lot of premium features.

What do you think of future iPhones? Let us know in the comments below.

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