Here are five Spotlight Search tricks you may not know about in Mac OS X

Spotlight is a great feature on the Mac and iOS. Basically, the feature allows you to  search through many different files located on your Mac and other things like apps, images and more. Normally, when you look for something on your Mac, Spotlight will display the search results under category listings, making it easier for users to navigate quickly to the search result they want. However, you can do a lot more with Spotlight Search besides finding documents and apps.

In reality, there are many other great things you can do with your Spotlight Search in Mac OS X. In this post, we will walk you through five exciting tricks you can do with Spotlight Search on your Mac.

Note that before we get started, make sure that you have the latest Mac OS X version installed and Spotlight enabled on your Mac. Otherwise, you can hit Command +Spacebar to enable Spotlight on Mac.

1. Find documents you’ve recently worked on


Spotlight Search is designed to locate documents and specific files types. With the latest version of Mac OS X, you can do more including the ability to use natural language to direct your search. For example, to open images you edited yesterday, you simply say “images I edited yesterday”. Once you are done, Spotlight will search for the image that you edited yesterday so you can continue your work if necessary.

2. Get Weather reports


Getting Weather reports is one of the most exciting new tricks you can use with your Spotlight Search. This is really useful especially if you are planning to travel abroad for work and you want to know the temperature in that location. To do this, just say “weather in + location”.

3. Find web videos quickly


Spotlight Search now allows you to search for a specific video on the web. This trick could be useful for those who want to find their favorite video even without opening the web browser. To do this, you can say “name + video”.

4. Stay up to date with the latest sport scores


With Spotlight Search, you now can get sport scores or look for what time your favorite team is playing. To do this, simply say: “(your team name) score; “(your team name) schedule”.

5. Keep track of stock market prices

Spotlight Search now allows you to look for stock prices and to get data about your company’s stock. To do this, simply say: “(ticker symbol) or “( company name) stock price.”


That’s it! We have just mentioned five great Spotlight Search tricks in Mac OS X. Hopefully, these tricks work best for you.

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