5 PS5 Features I Wish Were On Xbox Series X

The battle between PS5 vs Xbox Series X  is a fierce one. To be honest, they are both amazing consoles with impressive power and capabilities. These next-gen consoles do share some features such as the ability to deliver up to 8K resolutions, high frame rates, powerful processors, and speedy SSDs. But it doesn’t mean you will get the same experience. In fact, there are several unique features on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X that make them completely different from each other. In this article, let’s take a look at the 5 PS5 features I wish were on the Xbox Series X.

Adaptive Triggers

One of the best things about the PS5 is the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers. When Sony first announced how the DualSense triggers would change resistance to mimic the sensation of pulling back a drawstring on a bow, or replicate the kickback when firing a gun, a lot of gamers were skeptical. But based on my own experience, the adaptive triggers were a revelation rather than a gimmick.

PS5 Features On Xbox Series X

Let’s take a look at Astro’s Playroom, a game that is a cute and cartoonish platformer rather than an action-packed FPS. I love this game, it’s simple, fun to play with friends, yet quite challenging with the puzzles. But most importantly, it’s capable of demonstrating how all the unique abilities of the PS5 work, including the adaptive triggers. When firing the gun, the feel from the triggers is so satisfying that I just ran around shooting colorful balls for a lot longer than necessary. Apart from color-balls-bullets, the game also lets players shoot sucker arrows. And I can sure feel the tension in the bow coming straight through the triggers.

PS5 Features On Xbox Series X

I did not know that adaptive triggers would be a thing I wanted, but it’s really a smart addition. We are still in the early days of next-gen games, but the new controllers show a great potential, which will leave the brains of any gamers filled with adrenaline.

Microsoft is also well aware of the positive feedback the DualSense controller receives from gamers. A recent survey of Xbox Series X asked owners if they want to see similar features on Xbox controllers. Hence, we can expect that the next Xbox controllers will have adaptive triggers.

Universal System Settings For Games

Universal System Settings allows PS5 users to select a number of default settings that will be universally applied to their games. In particular, you can change some basic preferences such as performance/resolution mode, difficulty levels, inverted control, and subtitles settings. This simple feature can potentially save a massive amount of time for many gamers. For me, I normally choose performance mode over resolution, so setting it as a default mode would be much more convenient than having to go back to the menu to make changes every time I start another game. And for those who play with inverted controls, this is a blessing.

PS5 Features On Xbox Series X

The Xbox 360 used to have basically the same feature but Microsoft removed it on the new Series X generation. Considering how useful it is, why don’t Microsoft bring it back in the next updates?

Mute the TV When Using A Headset

Whenever you connect a headset with the DuelSense controller, both wired and wireless, the PS5 will automatically recognize your new audio output and mute the TV. This is a nice and simple feature that prevents you from ever starting a game with the TV audion still blaring out in the background.

PS5 Features On Xbox Series X

On the Xbox Series X, there’s nothing that happens when you connect a headset to its controller. The TV won’t be automatically muted and you will have to use your remote to turn its volume down manually. Some users, including myself, find this an annoying and unnecessary step that could repeat over and over again. Trust me, it will be extremely frustrating when you are starting a night gaming session but forgot to mute your TV audio.

So hopefully Microsoft will copy this feature to the Series X soon.

Haptic feedback 

To be honest, DualSense’s haptic feedback is simply magical. You will be able to feel the impacts made from every action in your current game. For instance, haptics allows users to actually feel the clang of metal as your sword bounces of a shield in Demon’s Souls, which surely grants a new experience. And back to Astro’s Playroom, this kind of feedback is also so far beyond Series X’s traditional rumble that you can differentiate between walking on sand, glass, and other surfaces.

PS5 Features On Xbox Series X

It’s safe to say that haptic feedback is the future of consoles. Even Nintendo has also added haptic feedback on Nintendo Switch. Both the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller now have this feature. Of course, the implementation of haptics on these controllers is quite underwhelming compared to how it’s implemented on the DualSense. However, it’s still capable of providing some amazing moments. For example, it can simulate the sensation of moving balls inside the controller when playing a game with 1-2-Switches.

It’s uncertain that Microsoft will add haptic feedback anytime soon. But it will be a surprise if this feature is not included in the next Xbox controllers. The subtle effects from haptic feedback are far superior to the older spinning motors found in the Xbox Series X pad. Therefore, it’s hard to see Microsoft stick with the traditional rumble in the future.

Home Menu Music

When you’re exploring the menu of the PlayStation 5, the console plays a pleasant little tune in the background. Additionally, when you hover over a game in the main menu, you will able to hear a music rack that’s made exclusively for that game. It’s not that great, but it’s surely a nice touch. Sony might introduce custom themes with exclusive music for the PS5 later. But If you owned a PS4 before, you would know how the countless themes-included classic tracks took things to the next level.

On Xbox Series X, meanwhile, you’ll only ever hear the dull sound that occurs when you move through the menus. This might be quite refreshing at first but if you spend a lot of time in the menus, you’re probably going to get bored with this jingle quickly. In addition, it makes the Series X user interface feel rather soulless in comparison. As Series X and Series S are now allowing dynamic backgrounds, I think it’s time for Microsoft to add a bit more customization to its controller.  It would be ideal to add your favorite game’s music tracks to the dashboard.

The Verdict

And now you got the 5 5 PS5 features I wish were on the Xbox Series X. Some of these features are minor, but others feel almost essential to improve the current experience with the Xbox Series X. In fact, it’s not the first time Microsoft needs to learn some ideas from its rival. This sort of practice happens all the time, either during a console generation or after.

For example, Microsoft quickly added a headphone jack to its Xbox One controller after the feature was so well supported on the PS4’s DualShock 4. The Xbox Wireless Controller for Series X and Series S now includes a share button, which also originates from the PS4 controller as well. So hopefully, the new PS5 useful features will soon be adapted by Microsft in the future

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