5 Awesome App Icon Packs For Your iPhone Home Screen

iOS 14 is making it easier for iPhone users to personalize their iPhone Home Screen. Specifically, now it is possible to customize the app icons on your iPhone’s Home Screen via the Shortcut feature. However, it’s quite complicated to create a set of icons by yourself. Luckily, there are hundreds of iPhone app icon packs online that you can get to customize your iPhone Home Screen.

In this article, we have gathered the coolest, most unique, and best-designed iOS app icon packs for you. Let’s check them out.

Before You Customize Your iPhone App Icons.

There are a few things you need to note before changing your Home Screen icons:

  • It’s a time-consuming work: You have a lot of apps on your iPhone and for every app icon, you have to create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app then add it to your Home Screen and hide the original app. This could take hours to do.
  • You won’t see the notification badges: Customized app icons are only shortcuts to the original apps. Therefore, they won’t show the red notification like normal apps.
  • These icons will take longer to open the app: Once again, they are only shortcuts, so they need to launch and run the Shortcuts app before opening the app you actually want. Therefore you may face some delay when using them

If all these issues don’t matter to you, check out our guide on how to customize your iOS 14 home screen here.

Now let’s head to the best iPhone Home Screen icon packs. Each pack will have a unique style, price, and size. Make sure you choose the pack that include all the icons you need.

The Best 5 iPhone App Icon Packs To Customize Your Home Screen

1. Black And White

Price: $14

If you love the straightforward yet premium feeling of a black-n-white theme, this is the icon pack for you. It offers over 700 icons with Light and Dark styles.

Download : Here

2. Minimalist

Price: $28

This pack will offer you a set of icons with a clean and minimal look. It includes 120 wireframe app icons with black, gray, blue, and white backgrounds.

Download: Here

3. Basic Colors

Price: from $9

This is the go-to pack if you love a splash of color on your iPhone’s Home Screen. It contains over 80 icons with several colors like red, green, blue,
purple, orange, and more. Each icon also comes in three styles: Wireframe, bold, and duotone.

Download: Here

4. Muted Colors

Price: $10

If you want a calming color scheme that helps you chill and relax, you must get this icon pack. This pack has 112 icons available in both light and dark themes.

Download: Here

5. Neon

Price: $10

Neon-styled icons grant your home screen a cybernetic look. This pack includes 320 multicolored neon-style icons with over 320 different designs. You can get an affordable pack that includes black and white, neutral, and gold sets as well.

Download Here

And that’s our best 5 app icon packs for your iPhone Home Screen. Do you have any other beautiful packs? Please share them with us in the comments

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