5 Facts About TikTok That You May Not Know

Back in April, Tiktok crossed 2 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play. This shows how hot this video creating and sharing social is nowadays. In fact, a lot of big brands such as Coca or Spotify are using this app as a business marketing tool. So to what makes this app so popular? Let’s check out 5 facts about TikTok that you may not know.

TikTok Has Over 800 Million Active Users All Over The World

This is one of the most surprising facts about TikTok. According to the latest statistics, this social network has more than 800 million users worldwide. This number has outstripped other hit apps like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Instagram and Facebook currently are social media with the highest number of active users ( 1 billion and 2.7 million accordingly). However, with its current growing speed, there will be no surprise that TikTok’s user counts will catch up or even surpass these 2 social media in a very short time.


TikTok Is Originated From China

Unlike other big social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, TikTok is not a product of the US. In fact, it was created in 2006 known as Douyin in China. In addition, TikTok is now owned by a Chinese technology company called Bytedance.


15-Second Video Strategy

Short – Fast – Attractive are the 3 words that can perfectly describe TikTok. It targets users who would rather watch short clips than read posts in the News Feed.

Video that are 15 seconds are long enough for the user to get the information and raise their curiosity to discover the next videos. On top of that, the videos are short, diverse, and easy to understand. This is how users will be drawn to an attractive loop that can consume hours of using this app everyday . In fact, researches show that most users spend more than 50 minutes per day on TikTok.

An Extremely Simple Yet Effective Video Creating App

Compared to other video platforms, TikTok has taken video content creation to a new level. When using Instagram, you need to be a little bit skilled in photography and video editing. In contrast, anyone can create highly engaging content without using any other plug-in apps on TikTok. In addition, as it only has a short-video format, the editing process will take no time at all.


TikTok Focuses On Younger Generation

Despite having the potential to reach different user ages, TikTok still focuses heavily on younger users. According to recent reports, TikTok has the largest group of young users compared to other social media. Specifically, nearly 70% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, and the remaining 30% are 25 or older. This is another key factor that leads to TikTok’s success as young generations will normally look for the latest styles of clothing, hair, and bags in social media platforms.

These are 5 Facts about TikTok that you may not know. We hope that our article is useful for you. We’d love to hear your opinions about this social media in the comments section!

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