5 biggest iOS 12 annoyances and how to fix them

Apple iOS has been through tons of software updates since the day one. Apple has been working hard to improve its mobile operating system, expanding its functionality and usefulness while revamping what we have loved about iOS for years. iOS 10 is the biggest iOS release in the history with a barrage of changes and features. Starting in iOS 10, Apple is opening its OS to third-party developers, giving us multiple options to interact with apps.

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled iOS 12 after the relentless rumor mills rolling on the market. iOS 12 is expected to bring a significant, innovative change to the operating system. Apple’s mobile operating system is now available following months of beta testing. In reality, iOS 12 adds a huge performance improvement to the current iPhone models. However, it has own issues that may ruin your experience. We have started to hear some of the issues the iPhone and iPad owners are facing with Apple’s new version of iOS. With that in mind, we have gathered all the common iOS 12 annoyances in the section below.

Before we begin, make sure that you now have iOS 12 installed on your device. To update your device, open the Settings app from the home screen, then select General and hit Software Update. Now just simply install any available updates. It’s a good idea to stay up-to-date as a new software update usually includes fixes for bugs and errors.

  1. Grouped notifications by apps

One of the biggest additions to iOS 12 lies in grouped notifications. As the name suggests, the feature allows you to group multiple notifications from the same app at once. Your grouped notifications show up in stacks and you simply need to flip through each of them to open your desired notification.

iOS 12

In reality, notifications are grouped based on context, time, thread, and conversations. That means that you may get multiple notification stacks from the same app on your screen. Fortunately, there is an option that allows you to get all notifications from an app in a single stack in iOS 12. To enable this option, open the Settings app from the home screen, then select Notifications and hit App. Now, tap on Notifications Grouping at the bottom and then select By App.

If you find Grouped Notifications annoying, then you can disable it on your device. To do this, launch the Settings app on your phone, then select Notifications and hit App. After that, select Notification Grouping and select Off. If you change your mind, just repeat the process and select Automatic or By App.

  1. Disable Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions have been part of Apple’s iOS for years. However, the feature was ignored by users and tech experts in iOS 10 and iOS 11. In iOS 12, Apple brings a notable update to Siri Suggestions in an attempt to improve the user interface and attract more users.

The biggest addition to Siri Suggestions lies in Shortcuts. With Shortcuts, you now can add specific actions to Siri, making it more proactive and helpful. Specifically, Apple’s personal assistant now dives deeper into your daily habits when using your iOS devices in order to suggest appropriate actions.

iOS 12

The coolest part is that Siri now offers suggestions on the lock screen. While it is a helpful feature, one major drawback is the issue of privacy. In reality, there are lots of things you don’t want to share with others. If privacy is all that matters to you, then it’s a good idea to disable Siri Suggestions. To turn off Siri Suggestions, you simply need to open the Settings app, then select Siri & Search and then turn off the switch for Suggestions on Lock Screen. If you wish to disable Siri Suggestions in Spotlight, then turn off the switch for Suggestions in Search.

  1. Disable Screen Time reports

iOS 12

One of the highlights of iOS 12 is Screen Time, a handy feature that allows you to stay away from smartphone addiction. Basically, with Screen Time, you can check how much time you are spending on your device or using apps. Besides, you can set time limits for each app. When time runs out, then you cannot use the app. To continue where you left off, you can request more time or disable the feature. If you find Screen Time annoying, then you can disable it. To do this, you simply swipe left on a notification you get from Screen Time, then tap on Manage and hit Turn off Notifications.

  1. Clear deleted voice memos

Voice Memos has been around there for years, allowing users to record a voice memo on your iPhone. In iOS 12, Apple has revamped the built-in Voice Memos app, making it more intuitive and useful. Voice Memos now lets you sync your recordings with iCloud, so you can access them across all devices.

However, when you delete a voice memo on your iPhone, it will go to the Recently Deleted folder. You need to head to the folder and delete them manually. Fortunately, there is a feature that makes the process less painful. Open the Settings on your device, then select Voice Memos, and hit Clear Deleted. Now just simply choose 7 days or 30 days. If you go for 7 days, your recently-erased voice memos will be gone for good in 7 days.

  1. Disable USB Restricted mode

iOS 12

In iOS 12, Apple has introduced a new feature USB Restricted Mode, which prevents your phone from connecting to USB accessories. This is a great security feature as it helps curb hacking apps and malicious entities. However, if you find this annoying, then you can disable it. To do this, launch the Settings app, then hit Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode and enter the passcode. After that, turn off the switch for USB Accessories.

These are the iOS 12’s biggest annoyances you should know about. iOS 12 is still rolling out to compatible devices worldwide. If you have got any issues, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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