5 Things to Look Forward to With iOS 13

At WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled iOS 13, the next-generation iOS version after months of leaks and speculation. iOS 13 adds a highly-anticipated dark mode to the operating system, allowing you to turn everything into a darker color. The Photos app also gets a revamp, introducing a nice feature that lets you create a selection of highlights from your life by day, month, and year

In iOS 13, Apple also removed some features and services, instead, integrating them directly into the operating system. To be honest, I’d love to see Apple add some features we have been demanding for years. In the section below, we made a list of some of the features that are coming with iOS 13.

Single Sign-In

With iOS 13, Apple is making its own operating system more secure by adding a new Sign In with Apple privacy feature. As the name suggests, the feature offers a safe way to sign into apps and services.

Apple Sign-in
A much more secure way to sign-in to your favorite apps

Basically, you will be given a random email address to access some apps and services. This means that you never have to give your real email address away to an app. This is a cool addition to iOS 13 as it does not share any user data. Apple says that two-factor authentication is built directly into the feature, thus giving you more security.

Menstrual Cycle tracker

With iOS 13, Apple put its huge focus on health monitoring and tracking features. One such feature is Cycle Tracking, which helps women keep track of their menstrual cycle. This eliminates the need for a third-party app to be installed on their device, as it is now built into the operating system.

Cycle Tracking

With Cycle Tracking, you will be able to add your data to the app when your period starts. Then, the app will help you track your cycle and predict when your next cycle starts.

The app also works on the Apple Watch, meaning that you can track your menstrual cycles directly on your wrist. To be honest, I am glad Apple expanded its iOS beyond just being able to track your workouts and exercise.


Duet Display and Luna Display are two Mac options commonly used to make your iPad a second display for your Mac. However, Apple now has its own option for using a supported iPad as a second screen. And Apple calls it SideCar. Actually, this is my favorite iPadOS feature so far as it removes the need to download an additional app.

Side Car

The feature works smoothly in the first beta of macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13. However, there are times when the connection is not working. That seems fair as it is still a beta version, so we expect to find some bugs.

In reality, there are a number of services and apps that include this feature. Duet is a popular iOS app that offers the same functionality for $20. However, if you don’t want to splash some cash, then SideCar is a better choice.

Look Around

Google Street View

Apple Maps was once inferior to Google Maps in every way, but with iOS 10, Apple Maps finally started to turn the corner. In iOS 13, Apple has taken its mapping service to a whole new level, introducing a bunch of new features like improved map data, Shared ETA, real-time transit, and Look Around.

Look Around is a cool feature that lets you navigate unfamiliar cities around the world. Actually, it serves as Apple’s answer to Google Street View, (which is now more than 10 years old). Basically, Look Around behaves the same as its counterpart does, but the UI is better than Google Street View, however it is available in fewer locations.

Look Around is a good addition to iOS and satisfies your Street View needs. With Look Around, Apple Maps is now at a point where we can ignore Google Maps.


In iOS 13, Apple finally added a new swipe keyboard option. Apple calls it QuickPath, a new gesture-based keyboard that is built into the system keyboard. From now on, you can swipe your finger from one letter to the next to enter a word, making your one-handed typing experience less painful.

In reality, some apps like Swiftkey, Swype or Gboard offer the same feature, but I am glad that Apple now has its own swipe keyboard feature.

Wrapping Up

iOS 13 is not a huge update over its previous generation, but it brings about some highly-anticipated features like dark mode, QuickPath, and Street View. iOS 13 is now in early stages and Apple still has a lot of work to do to improve it ahead of its public release.

What is your favorite iOS 13 feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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