10 keyboard shortcuts for a new Mac user

If you have just switched from Windows to the Mac, you may notice that Apple keyboards look different from Windows counterpart.

You may be wondering why Control, Start and Alt keys that you are familiar with on Windows have been replaced with Fn, Control, Option and Command. However, that doesn’t mean Mac keyboards are harder to use and navigate. Keep in mind that you are very Mac user. The following tips will help you take advantage of your new Mac.

Here are 10 keyboard shortcuts for new Mac users.

  • 1. Quit an app completely


If you want to quit an app completely on Mac, you can press Cmd + Q. 

  • 2. Close an active Window


If you don’t want to completely quit a running app, but close an active window to move to another task, you just need to press Cmd + W on your keyboard.

  • 3. Open a new Tab


Normally, if you want to open a new tab on Windows, you just need to press Ctrl +T. For Mac PCs, you will have to press Cmd + T on your keyboard.

  • 4. Switch between apps


With OS X, you can easily flip between applications without using the mouse or trackpad. On Windows, you need to hold down Windows key, and repeatedly press Tab until you see the app you want to switch to, and then release it. On Mac, you will have to press Command + Tab which does the same thing.

  • 5. Activate Spotlight search


Spotlight Search lets you access all your files and applications on your Mac. To do this, you can press Cmd + Space.

  • 6. Force an app to close


If your application is not responding, you will have to force close it. On Mac, you can use Force Quit feature by pressing Cmd + Option + Esc.

  • 7. Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo


Cutting, Copying, Pasting an Undoing are among the most used tasks on a Windows keyboard. On Mac, you will use the Cmd key followed by Z, X, C, V for undo, cut, copy and paste.

  • 8. Find words and phrases.


If you want to find a specific word or phrase on a web page, you will need to press Cmd + F on your keyboard to activate the in – app search bar.

  • 9. Access Quick Look


Quick Look is a great utility that allows you to view quickly a media file without even opening it. You just click on your media file you want to view and press Space. Besides, you can do the same thing by pressing Cmd + Y.

  • 10.  Access the Shutdown, Sleep and Restart mode


If you want to put your Mac into Shut down, Sleep and Restart mode, you will need to press Control +Eject on your keyboard.

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