4 Mac Tricks to Help Keep “Other” Storage Clean

When we look at exciting content, we do not think about the question: “Where do all the images, animations, text sounds, etc. come from?” Not many people understand that all this information is downloaded and generated in the browser in a few seconds. In many ways, the speed of loading a page depends on how much free space is in “another storage”.

For site pages to load faster, you need to periodically clean the “other storage”. And if for a PC running Windows, Linux and other operating systems this can be done simply and quickly, then for the Mac, you should be aware of a couple of tricks.

You can solve the problem of cleaning the storage in two ways: thanks to the built-in functions or use other programs.

Trick Number One

The idea is that the user will have to clean up the “Downloads folder”, the “Documents folder” and, finally, “Cache”. You can find these sections using the side menu “Finder”. Next, to go to the data folder will need to write in a search line such a command «~/Library/Caches/».

The essence of this command is an automatic switch to the library of downloaded files; you can access this folder through the “Explorer”, but it will take longer time considerably.

Already in the folder itself, the attention of user will be required, because there can be system basic files and downloaded files ones. That is why is necessary to find (according to the size in MB) the largest files.

For faster sorting, hold down two keys at the same time “Cmd” and “J”.

The Second Way

A second path also involves using the built-in function from the operating system; without going into details, we will describe the order of actions:

  1. Go to the “Desktop”, and give the command «Cmd+J» as in the previous method.
  2. Check that the search will be performed under the “This Mac” (otherwise, the search will not give any results).
  3. Open a context menu of the “This Mac” tab and select section “Other”.
  4. In a window that will be opened, select the “File size” option and put a confirmation in front of it.
  5. In the upper line of the window, select the parameter “more than”, and specify an integer.
  6. The files, which was found, can be deleted if they are not important.

This algorithm is the simplest and is popular among many users. Instead of the number 100, you can specify any other (10, 20, 30). This number in the “Other” folder finds all previously downloaded files larger than 100 MB. It can be movies, programs, games, installation files and much more.

The Third Option

If the search and selection of files seem too long, we recommend using the software of other developers. The basic idea is in that the program itself will perform these actions. Many users may have a rational question: “Can the program that cleans ” Other storage” automatically delete files which are necessary for Mac operating system?”. The answer to this question is: “NO!”. Each such program (licensed) has a set of system file addresses that can not be deleted.

Fourth Trick: How to clean folder “Other storage”

If the operating system has not been reinstalled for a long time, the system may show an incorrect value of the space occupied on hard disk. To solve this problem, it is required to perform some actions on the following algorithm:

  1. It is required to disable the encryption algorithm FileVault (“System Settings” – “Security and Security” – unprotect using the administrator password).
  2. Restart a computer in safe mode (hold down the “Shift” on a keyboard while rebooting).
  3. Use the “Disk Utility”. To do this, you need to start the application in a safe mode and go to the “First Aid” section.
  4. Run the disk (disks) check. If during the scanning will be found errors, click the button “Repair Disk”.
  5. After the scan is completed, you need to restart a Mac, and then turn on the encryption system again.

After the end of scanning and repairing of the hard disk, the amount of occupied space should decrease significantly. If you’d like to get more information about cleaning other storage on Mac, check out this article: https://macpaw.com/how-to/clean-up-other-storage-on-mac

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