MacBook gets better over time as Apple refreshes it on an annual basis. Last year, Apple MacBook family received a huge upgrade with Intel’s Coffee Lake processors, increased RAM and storage, and improved design. The coolest part is that the MacBook Air finally got an improvement following months of leaks and rumors, making it an attractive item on the market.

As we enter the first days of 2019, we are expecting to see the unveiling of new MacBook laptops. In reality, rumors regarding the 2019 MacBook lineup have been out there for months, hinting at the impressive features coming to this year’s MacBook models.

According to Ming-Chi-Kuo, a famous analyst who is best known for his accurate predictions when it comes to Apple’s upcoming products, the new MacBook Pro won’t come with a redesign as Apple focuses on internal upgrades. This seems plausible seeing the fact that MacBook family has not seen an overhauled design for years.

In this article, we have rounded up everything we expect to see in 2019 MacBook Pro. For some background, the MacBook Pro 2018 now starts at $1.799 for the model with 8th-gen Intel processor and 256GB SSD storage. The next MacBook Pro is expected to share the same price tag with the existing models.

  1. More ports, please!

Apple is no longer selling MacBook models that come with regular USB ports. Apple’s move paves the way for Thunderbolt ports, allowing for faster data transfer speed. Last year, Apple removed the regular USB-A ports on both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in favor of USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. In reality, some users may not like Apple’s move away from its traditional USB ports, but the fact that Thunderbolt ports have been parts of MacBook lineup for years.

The adoption of a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port allows users to connect their Macs to a wide variety of devices including external hard drive, monitors, and power for charging. Sources say that Apple will continue to follow suit this year. In reality, we expect to see more USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports on 2019 MacBook Pro laptops. Sources say that this year’s MacBook Pro will feature three USB-C/Thunderbolt ports.

However, USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 requires extra costs as you need to buy new accessories like adapters and docks. In reality, Apple is still selling its old MacBook Air laptops with traditional USB-A ports for $1000, a steep price for outdated ports. Meanwhile, a new MacBook with modern specs are only $200 more expensive.

  1. No Touch Bar

Touch Bar is a dynamic OLED display that sits at the top of the keyboard and replaces the physical function keys. It offers virtual keys that change based on what apps you are using on your Mac. Touch Bar is now better and smarter than before, but for some people, it still serves no useful purpose.

We hope that Apple will ditch Touch Bar on this year’s MacBook Pro. However, sources say that there will still be a MacBook Pro model with Touch Bar this year. In reality, you can disable Touch Bar on your Mac by heading to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard tab > Expanded Control Strip.

  1. Face ID on the MacBook Pro

Face ID is Apple’s new security measure that allows users to unlock their iPhones or iPads with a simple glance. Last year, Face ID made its debut on the new iPad Pro, and we expect Apple to do the same thing with their MacBook Pro this year. In reality, we have heard a lot of speculation that the 2019 MacBook Pro will feature Face ID at launch, but it remains unknown how Apple will manage to integrate it into its new Mac.

Sources say that Apple will use Face ID as authentication for iTunes purchases. Besides, there will be TrueDepth sensors coming to the new MacBook Pro, which paves the way for Memoji and Animoji on a Mac. Animoji is a great feature that allows you to create your own avatar that uses your voice and expressions. In reality, Animoji takes advantages of TrueDepth camera sensor on the front to map your expressions.

  1. Apple Pencil support on the trackpad

Apple Pencil is one of the most advanced styli on the market. Last year, Apple brought its stylus to the 9.7 inch iPad after months of leaks and rumors. Sources say that the Apple Pencil will work with your Mac’s trackpad this year, allowing you to stretch your ideas and take notes.

In reality, Apple has been trying to bring its stylus to more devices in recent years. However, the Apple Pencil will still be sold separately this year. Sources say that Apple will lower the price of its stylus when the new MacBook Pro comes out in 2019.

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