4 First-Person Shooter Games on Mac

Looking for the best first-person shooter games on Mac? You are in the right place. First-Person Shooter (FPS) is always one of the most popular genres when it comes to games. They are thrilling, diverse, fun to play, but can be competitive at any time. You can just go around and shoot anything in your vision, or join the battlefields and fight alongside your teammates. 

In fact, there are many fps games that feature co-op, online servers, and cross-platform available so that you can play with your friends at any time. You can play FPS games on any Consoles or PC, including Apple’s macOS. Even though MacOS is not designed for gaming, you can still get a lot of good games. Here are 4 best first-person shooter games on Mac you should check out right now.

Borderlands 2

FPS game on Mac

If you love adventuring and building character while shooting everything, this is the game for you. The Borderlands series is famous for mixing the first-person shooter game with RPG elements. According to critics, Borderlands 2 is the best game of the series in terms of both narrative and gameplay. In this game, you will play as 1 of the 4 heroes with unique skills on a journey to free Pandorda from the tyrannical Handsome Jack. There are a lot of things to do in this game besides shooting and bashing enemies like exploring a vast sci-fi west, racing through the lands, and collecting hundreds of monstrous guns. On top of that, you can co-op with up to 4 friends to make your adventure even more fun.

You can get the game at about $12 on STEAM, but we recommend you get the Game Of the Year edition or the Handsome Collection version that includes all DLCs and in-game items.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

FPS Games on Mac

Counter Strike is a big name in the gaming industry. The Global Offensive version retains what’s best of its predecessors, but with improved graphics and new maps. The game has always been one of the most played games in Steam since its release.

With Global Offensive, Valve turns the game into a full online FPS game. The game retains some gameplay elements from the previous games while adding a bunch of new game modes such as Flying Scoutsman, Demolition, and Arms Race.

You can get this game for FREE on STEAM

BioShock Infinite

FPS games on Mac

BioShock Infinite is the game for you if you are looking for a single player FPS game. The BioShock series is famous for its amazing storyline with various characters and well-crafted gameplay. Infinite is the third version of the series. It inherited what’s best from the previous version. However, it strikes with new outstanding features, beautiful graphics, attractive gameplay. The game received a lot of positive reviews at launch, with players considering it one of the best FPS games ever made in history.

The game is available on STEAM starting at $22

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best zombie game ever made. The game was also developed by Valve, the brilliant studio behind CS: GO. In the game, you and up to 4 friends will go into a world full of zombies where you have to work as a team. Your objectives are very simple: SURVIVE and ESCAPE. At each level, you will have to survive the zombie horde: Fight terrifying mutated creatures, collecting weapons, and running into a safe room. Left 4 Dead 2’s gameplay is just that simple, yet it is still one of the most popular games even though it is almost 10 years old now.

The games is about $5 on STEAM

Here you go, now you have my best First-person shooter games on Mac. What is your favorite games on Mac? Let us know in the comments!!

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