Apple now dominates the tablet industry with over 50 percent market share. In reality, the Cupertino firm is reporting a slowdown in its tablet sales out there, but there is not a specific competing product from the likes of Samsung, Sony, or Huawei. Sources say that the tablet market will see a boost when big names launch their new devices later this year. Apple is expected to announce two new iPad models this year, one of which includes a premium model. Sources have suggested that the Cupertino firm will hold an event later this month where it will showcase a new 9.7 inch iPad and a new iPad Pro. The upcoming 9.7-inch model will succeed the last year’s tablet which made its debut at an education event.

In terms of the iPad Pro, it will retain the same design language from the current model while focusing on hardware upgrades. Ming-Chi-Kuo, an analyst who is best known for his accurate forecasts when it comes to Apple’s new products, says that the new iPad Pro will come with a better Apple Pencil support and an A13X processor with a huge speed boost from today’s chips.

In this article, we have rounded up everything we heard so far about the 2019 iPad. The current iPad Pro starts at $799 for the 64GB model with Wi-Fi only, while the cellular model retails for $949.

  1. March event

Rumors and speculation regarding Apple’s this year March event have been around for months, hinting at multiple announcements at the show. Sources claim that we will see the unveiling of the new TV and video service and some hardware at the event. A recent report claims that the event will take place in San Francisco on March 29.

According to sources, Apple will start sending out invites to the press for its March event. It’s possible that Apple will put the spotlight on its new iPads at this year’s event. This seems plausible seeing that Apple unveiled a new 9.7 inch iPad at last year’s event. Tech experts say that Apple will live stream its March event on multiple platforms. Back in the days, Apple blocked people from watching its launch events unless they were using Safari. However, we no longer live in those days as you can watch Apple’s live events on any operating system.

  1. New iPad mini

The iPad Mini was first introduced back in 2012 and quickly received a wild welcome. However, the Mini family has not seen an update for 4 years, raising concerns that Apple discontinued the series. However, Ming-Chi-Kuo recently claimed that Apple will unveil a new iPad mini alongside refreshed iPad Pros at its March event. The new iPad mini will come with an upgraded processor for better performance. And the new tablet will target mostly students and casual users who are in the market for a cheap, visually appealing tablet. Tech experts suggest that the new iPad mini will start at $399 for the 128GB model, which puts it in contention with the likes of Huawei and Samsung.

Under the hood, the new iPad mini will come with the A11X Bionic chip at launch. The current iPad mini uses the A8 chip that powered the iPhone 6. On the outside, the new iPad mini will still stick with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and larger bezels.

  1. Two iPad Pros

Reports say that Apple will launch two new iPad Pros this year. The upcoming iPad Pros will come with a slight design change as Apple focuses on internal upgrades. Indeed, both models will use the A13X Bionic chip, allowing for improved performance and AR features. Besides, Apple will drop the 64GB option, instead, making the 128GB model as an entry-level.

The cameras have never been Apple’s priority when it comes to iPads. Sources say that the new iPad Pros will come with an improved camera setup for better photos in low-light conditions. The coolest part is that there will be a TrueDepth camera on the front for Face ID security measure.

Sources claim that the new iPad Pro will retain the same design from the current model. Last year, the Cupertino firm shrunk the bezels and removed the home button, and it’s likely that Apple will keep things the same this year. Tech experts say that Apple will make the iPad Pro even slimmer this year.

  1. iPhone and Mac apps coming to iPad

A barrage of apps is exclusive to the iPhone and Mac, and we are expecting to see them on the next iPad. Some recent reports say that Apple will bring some of iPhone and Mac apps to its future iPads. Many find these reports to be plausible seeing the fact that Apple will switch to its own custom ARM-based processors on future tablets. Apple is now relying on Intel for chips for Macs, but sources say that Apple has been working on its own ARM-based chips, but the change is not ready until 2021.

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