2017 MacBook Pro review: The best MacBook Pro to date

Last year, Apple launched a significant update to its MacBook Pro lineup of laptops with the introduction of Touch Bar, a multi-touch OLED display panel that sits at the top of the keyboard and adapts to what you are doing. This year, the Cupertino Company refreshed the MacBook Pro again with Kaby Lake processors and new GPUs.

2017 MacBook Pro keeps what we have loved about the last year’s models with Touch Bar, thin Retina display and super-fast storage, while adding Intel’s seventh generation chips and macOS High Sierra for the same price.

Nothing major is changing in terms of design. However, if you skipped the last year’s models and are waiting to grab the MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake processors, keep reading and we will give you a brief review of Apple’s new MacBook Pro.

  1. Design

If you are expecting a brand new MacBook Pro with an overhaul redesign, you will be disappointed because nothing is new here. In reality, Apple has not made any significant design change to its MacBook Pro lineup in recent years, and that’s no different with this year’s MacBook Pro.

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro has adopted much of the same design language found in the last year’s models, including thin bezels, a full-size keyboard, butterfly keys and Touch Bar. The new MacBook Pro is incredibly thin and light, weighing in at 4.02 pounds.

Touch ID remains where it is and a physical button. Touch ID on this year’s MacBook Pro serves as a perfect way to force shut down your device. Touch Bar, one of the most noticeable additions of the 2016 model, is still located at the top of the keyboard and replaces the function keys. Touch Bar offers relevant tools and shortcuts based on what you are doing on your Mac.

  1. Display

With the new MacBook Pro, Apple sticks with its tradition of baking the Retina display into its MacBook Pro lineup. The new MacBook Pro sports a 15.4 inch LED-back-lit display with IPS technology. The Retina display carries a resolution of 2880×1800 pixels and includes support for millions of colors.

The Retina display offers an exceptional experience for any user ranging from watching videos to playing video games. The display has seen a slight improvement compared to the last year’s model, as it is now brighter and offers better contrast.

  1. Performance

This year, Apple is finally bringing Kaby Lake processors to its MacBook Pro family, thus offering impressive performance for both normal and heavy usage. Under the hood, Apple has opted for AMD-based GPUs rather than Nvidia counterparts.

This year, the new MacBook Pro comes with both powerful Radeon Pro GPU with 4GB of GDDR5 memory and Intel HD Graphics 630, and includes support for automatic graphics switching ability to handle heavy tasks.

With a powerful AMD-based GPU and Intel’s seventh-generation processor, the 2017 MacBook Pro is undoubtedly the most powerful machine Apple has ever released to the market.

  1. macOS

The 2017 MacBook Pro runs Apple’s recently-unveiled macOS Sierra 10.12.5 and will be among the first to grab macOS High Sierra when it launches later this year. The update did not add any new features to the operating system, instead introducing fixes for bugs and issues found in the previous version.

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is for those who want a powerful machine with Kaby Lake processors. Nothing major is changing outside and the price is still premium, but the performance has reached a new level thanks to Intel’s seventh-generation processors.

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