10 lesser-known iPhone tips you should know about

iPhone serves as one of the most desired smartphones among technology fanatics. Apple has always been adding new features to its mighty iPhone. Some of them are obvious. Some, on the other hand, are hidden. But once you learn them, you will be able to master your device.

Here are ten iPhone tips you should know about.

1. Close three apps at the same time


iPhone allows you to kill three apps at once. To do this, tap the Home button twice to quickly reveal the app switcher, and you just need to swipe up with three fingers. Three apps you have recently opened will be closed.

2. Quickly turn off flashlight


With iOS 9, you can quickly shut off the flashlight and turn it back on every time you need to. First thing you need to do is to open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Tap the flashlight button to activate the flashlight. Once enabled, you can quickly turn it off by using the camera shortcut from your lock screen.

3. Use Bold, italics and underling


In some apps like Mail, you can embolden, italicize, and underline any texts you need to. To do it, you need to select your text that you want to edit. Once it is done, choose B I U which stands for bold, italics, and underlining in the copy/paste popup.

4. Quickly go back to the previous screen


Unlike Android, iPhone does not include a “go back” button. However, Apple has secretly added a little gesture that makes that possible. Accordingly, while using the apps like Messages, Mail or Safari, place your finger on the left side of the screen and swipe right go to the previous window. This tip is also applied to some third – party apps like Instagram.

5. Make the most of your earbuds


Earbuds on iPhone can do a lot more things than you think. For example, you can use the middle button to skip to the next track or fast forward audio or video.

6. Lock focus and exposure

Normally, you need to tap the screen to set the focus and exposure for your object. However, when you move your camera, focus is lost.


Luckily, a lesser-known iOS gesture will help you take the perfect pictures on your iPhone. Just tap and hold until you see a yellow bar. This tip is really useful, as the focus and exposure will not be lost even if you change your composition.

7. Customize vibration alerts

 You want to know if your friends or your parents are calling you without even looking at your iPhone’s screen? Luckily, the Contacts app will make that completely possible.


You can create custom vibration patterns for a specific contact on your iPhone. To do this, launch the Contacts app, tap Edit in the right corner of your screen. Then, tap Vibration > Create New Vibration. In the new screen, tap and hold to create a vibration pattern.

8. Find out which apps are popular nearby


You can easily find out which iOS apps the locals are using the most on their iPhone, while travelling . To do this, launch the App Store, tap on the Explore button and then select Popular Near Me.

9. Save data usage


In iOS 7, Apple allowed its users to better take control of your data usage by using a feature called cellular data management. Basically, the feature lets you turn on cellular data for any apps.

10. Use iMessages during a flight


If you are connected to in-flight Wi-Fi or travelling overseas, you still send text messages to your friends. To do this, head to Settings > Messages and disable Send as SMS and turn on iMessages.

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