Here are 10 hidden features in iOS 10

Apple has recently released the official iOS 10 version for the supported devices. According to Apple, iOS 10 is the biggest iOS release ever since it is packed with tons of new features and changes. However, not all new features are obvious, some of them are hidden.

In this post, we will walk you through some iOS 10’s hidden features you might not know about. Here we go:

  1. Voicemail Transcription


iOS 10 now allows you to transfer your voicemail into text, making it much easier for users to skim their voicemail before they listen. However, the new feature in now available as beta version, so the transcriptions are not 100 percent accurate.

  1. Press the home button to unlock your device


iOS 10 marks the first time Apple has removed the iconic “Swipe to unlock”, the feature we have grown accustomed to over the decade. Instead, you simply need to press the Home button to unlock your iPhone. However, there is a much simpler way that you can use to unlock your phone in iOS 10 without even having to press the Home button. To do this, you can go to Setting > General > Accessibility > Home button and enable the “Rest Finger to” option.

  1. Notifications grouped by day


In iOS 10, you now can group all your notifications you receive by day, making it much easier to clear all at once. Besides, Apple now allows you to use 3D Touch to remove all notifications at the same time, which saves a lot of time.

  1. Adjust flashlight brightness using 3D Touch


With iOS 10, Apple has redesigned Control Center, allowing users to easily control toggles and access shortcuts on their device. You now can adjust flashlight brightness using 3D Touch on your iPhone. All you have to do is to hard-press the flashlight icon to select bright, medium and low.

  1. Low quality image mode


iOS 10 now includes a nice feature called Low Quality Image Mode that allows you to lower quality of images you send in iMessage. This is a perfect way to minimize data use on your iPhone. To activate this feature, you can head to Settings > Messages > Low Quality Image Mode.

  1. Edit Live Photos


Live Photos was introduced alongside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The feature was met with a virtual round of applause from all iPhone fans. With iOS 10, you can adjust live photos using sliders. Besides, you can crop live photos, add filters and adjust lighting.

  1. Close all tabs in Safari


iOS 10 now allows you to close all tabs in Safari at once, which is much more convenient than closing them one by one. To do this, you simply hold down on the tab button on the bottom right in Safari to bring up a small pane. After that, select the “Close all tabs” to shut them down.

  1. Take Selfies using Siri

With iOS 10, you now can use Siri to take selfies. All you have to do is to say “Take a selfie” to open the front-facing camera. Note that you will still have to press the shutter button yourself to take the shot.

  1. Add apps to Maps


Apple Maps has been upgraded a lot in iOS 10. Apple Maps has become smarter and more useful with more transit options, making it easier to find destinations. Noticeably, Apple Maps now allows you to access third-party apps from within the app. This means that you can book a reservation at your favorite restaurant or hire a taxi within the app.

  1. 3D Touch Notifications

With iOS 10, 3D Touch has been much improved, as it now can work perfectly with notifications. This means that you can use 3D Touch to perform actions on notifications like responding to a message without leaving your current app.

We have just mentioned ten new iOS features that are hidden. There are a lot more iOS 10 features you should check out. If you are now using a supported device, iOS 10 is really something you need to experience.

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